RADMC Giving Back to the Community!

Giving back is our social responsibility! At RADMC, community service is part of our curriculum!

Our students have not only participated in charity shows & competitions but have created a program of their own!

MOVE IT to LOSE IT, a health initiative organized by Rhythmic Arts & the SKN Foundation that teaches health education to the South Asian youth by showing them healthy eating habits and how to use dance as a form of exercise.

MITLI is now an after school program that gives 2nd graders in some NJ schools a chance to learn about healthy eating habits and gives them a FREE 3o min dance class. If you are interested in having this program at your school please contact us!


We recently participated in the Santa’s Little All Stars Charity Toy Drive.  Over 1200 gifts were collected to be donated to various NJ childrens charities during the 2015 holiday season.  Our little stars performed and did great!

 Santas All Stars

Upcoming Events:

Asha For Education Utsav Show: April 16th, 2016

India Far Mela: April 16th, 2016

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