Rhythmic Arts Students Light Up MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, Prudential Center & Wells Fargo Center!

 Dec 22nd, 2016! 

A night to remember for our students & their families!

45 superstar students did an opening performance for the

knicks game pic


From the initial email, to the audition video, to the acceptance email & to the final performance, within 6 weeks these kids managed to put on a stellar performance for over 10,000 people to watch!

knicks 1 IMG_6737 IMG_6755 IMG_6761 IMG_6809 IMG_6819 knicks 2


Oct 2017- 65 students performed a 15 min dance at the Prudential Center during a NJ Devils Game!

Nov- 2018- Students Perform an Opening Dance for the Philadelphia 76ers @ the Wells Fargo Center



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