Thank You to All the Healthcare Heroes during the Covid Crisis!

Rajvaadi Odhni-  Watch our Sr Girls as they dance to this beautiful Rajasthani Folk Song!


Story of Lagaan- 2nd Place FIA Dance Pe Chance Winners

These mini’s were the youngest in their category and brought home 2nd place with their rendition of the classic movie Lagaan!

DRIP- a Platinum Plus winning Trio by some of our best dancers.. Yash, Nihar & Dev!

Bhangra- a dance form that our boys have been learning since Day 1 and continue to love!

Watch our teachers show you all that we offer from Bollywood to Bhangra to Hip Hop.

My Life Story- A heartwarming take on a family that gets heart breaking news but shows how love & support can be the strength one needs to get through tough times.

Our students lit Madison Square Garden up with their powerful Bollywood/Hip Hop performance in Dec 2016. 48 students ranging in ages 10-20yrs opened up for the NY Knicks vs Orlando Magic game during the Holiday season! A night to remember for ALL!


1st Place FIA Winners- HS Daze- A dance with a message that was so much fun to choreograph & perform!

At Rhythmic Arts we think that everyone deserves the chance to dance! With our new special needs dance program, these kids performed at 2 events this past year! They put their fears aside and put a huge smile on the audience & most of all their parents faces! Check out our Superstars at our 1st charity dance event DANCE 4 A CAUSE which raised over $10,000 for Autism NJ! 

Recital 2016 Videos

Our students went to Disneyworld this past June and lit up the stage be presenting the ONLY Bollywood dance at the event! As the last dance of the show, the crowd went wild!

Seniors at FIA in 2015

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