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2023-2024 Registration Form
Rhythmic Arts/Dancing Shiva
Cedar Hill Prep Gym
152 Cedar Grove Lane

Location TBD
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Somerset TUES 5-6pm Girls Bollywood/Hip Hop 7-10yrs Int
Somerset TUES 6:00-7:00pm Girls Bollywood/Hip Hop III 10-14yrs
Somerset TUES 7-8pm Girls Bollywood/Hip Hop 11-14yrs ADV- by recommendation only
Somerset WED 5:15-6:15pm Boys Bollywood/Hip Hop 7-10yrs
Somerset WED 6:15-7:15pm Boys Bollywood/Hip Hop/Bhangra 10-14yrs
Somerset WED 7:15-8:15pm Boys Bollywood/Hip Hop Bhangra 12-15yrs ADV- by recommendation only
Somerset Sat 11:15-12:15pm Co-Ed Bollywood/ Folk 4-7yrs
Somerset SAT 12:15-1:15pm Adult Garba/Bollywood
Somerset SAT 1:15-2pm Special Needs Dance/Yoga 8+yrs
Somerset SAT 2-3pm Co-Ed Bollywood/Hip Hop 15+yrs ADV Srs- by recommendation only
West Windsor SUN Co-Ed Bollywood/Folk 4-7yrs 4-5pm @ TBD
West Windsor SUN 4-5pm Girls Bollywood/Hip Hop Adv 6-9yrs Int/Adv- by recommendation only @ TBD
West Windsor SUN 5-6pm Girls Bollywood/Folk 7-10yrs @ TBD
West Windsor SUN 5-6pm Adult Garba/BollyFIT @ TBD
West Windsor SUN 6:00-7:00pm Boys Hip Hop/Bhangra 8-12yrs @ TBD
West Windsor SUN 6-7pm Girls Bollywood/Hip Hop @11-15yrs @ TBD- by recommendation only
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